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Siemens Gigaset Configuration

This explains the configuration of a Siemens Gigaset NextG phone using the web interface to set up IdeaSIP. For instructions on using IdeaSIP by using the phone's VoIP provider wizard, please refer to the Gigaset manual.

After you've opened the web browser to the Gigaset phone, choose the Settings tab, and select the left-hand menu option Telephony. Underneath that, choose Connections

From there, select Edit on the first IP connection provider.

Once in the IP Connection page, input the information about your account that was provided to you in your confirmation email.
Authentication Name and Username are both your unique IdeaSIP username/number (eg. 11011234567).
Password is the password you provided.
Display name is your name.

Now click on the Select VoIP Provider button.

Click Next

Choose USA or Canada. It doesn't matter if you're not actually in the USA or Canada. This is just where the IdeaSIP provider information hides.

Finally, choose IdeaSIP from the drop-down box and click Finish

When you drop back to the IP Connection page, click Set.

That's all there is to it. Your Connections page should show your new IdeaSIP provider to have a status of Registered. And you should be all set to start making calls. Be sure to check the Service Numbers page and the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions pages to understand how to make calls to other IdeaSIP users, other networks, and a whole host of other services.

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