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Fun Numbers and Test Numbers

The numbers listed here are a brief list of test numbers and fun numbers to call that will allow you to try out the voice and video portions of your new IdeaSIP service. These numbers occasionally change, and this is by no means meant to be a comprehensive list, but it's a good place to start.

Test Numbers

The numbers listed here are numbers you can use to test your current service

201 IdeaSIP Welcome Message - hear the world's most generic hello message
301 Voice and Video Echo Test - hear your voice or see your video feed played back to you
**12340 - **12348 Random Messages

Service Numbers

These numbers are an essential part of the IdeaSIP service. For a full list, see the Numbers Page

100<7-digit-number> IdeaSIP Conference Rooms - Dial 100 followed by any 7-digit number to start or join a conference room
8355 TellMe! Information Service - Weather, News, and more
8463 IdeaSIP Time Server - hear local Bahamas time (Eastern US timezone)

ENUM Numbers

There's a special kind of number called an ENUM number that you can dial either by dialing + followed by the ENUM number, or, on a phone that doesn't have a + symbol, by dialing *164 followed by the ENUM number. For instance, the first test number, +1 604 958 6111 (ENUM numbers are almost always written in something called E164 format with a preceding + to symbolise an international calling prefix if required) can be dialed either as +16049586111 or as *16416049586111

+43 720 0101011 Only reachable via SIP/ENUM - You will hear the word "Enum" followed by some music
+44 800 699 996 Marriott Escapes Reservations in the UK
+1 800 555 1212 Tellme! Directory Assistance in the US - not the same as the TellMe! Information service above
+49 800 101 2964 Creative Online Store in Germany

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