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What We Offer

IdeaSIP gives you access to some great calling features all for free:

  • Caller ID
  • Voicemail*
  • Conference calling
  • Call waiting
  • Speed Dial
  • Call return (*69)
  • Do not disturb
  • Call blocking
  • 3-Way Calling**
  • Call forwarding***

* Basic voicemail is free. Enhanced voicemail is a premium service.
** 3-Way calling depends on the hardward/software used to call. Not all devices are compatible with 3-Way calling.
*** Call forwarding is currently to any SIP URI or ENUM number.

Enhanced Voicemail
With Enhanced Voicemail, you're able to customise your voicemail message, store voicemail on the server for later retrieval on the road, and have access to additional special account features.

IdeasOUT Minutes
With IdeasOut minutes, you're able to call regular telephone numbers all around the world from your IdeaSIP phone at some terrific rates!

On the Horizon:

IdeasIN Numbers
With an IdeasIn number, you're able to get calls from regular telephones, choosing a virtual phone number from a variety of locations around the world.

Virtual Location
With the IdeaSIP Virtual Location service, you pay a monthly fee to create a virtual presence in a particular city. You get a phone number in a chosen city, and all calls going out to that city's local calling area are treated as free local calls. The perfect thing for running a remote business office or creating that true local appearance.

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