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IdeaSIP Privacy Statement

At IdeaSIP, we know you value your privacy probably as much as we value ours. We agree that the information you provide to us via registration shall remain secret and hidden unless you allow others to see it via the phone book controls on the user management pages. We will never sell your information to other parties, nor will we share your personal information with our partners without your express consent. The only information we will share with partners would be for the purpose of connecting your call, and will contain no other tracking information or personal data. Should you be a user of the IdeaSIP Premium Services, other data may need to be shared with billing partners in order to facilitate billing you for services, but this is the full extent of its use.

The nature of the Internet means that privacy in your communications and viewing habits cannot be absolutely guaranteed. While we have undertaken security precautions, you should be aware that hackers might, nonetheless, possibly infiltrate our computer system and obtain and use your personal information. We disclaim all liability in the event of such an occurrence, and your use of our site expressly indicates your acceptance of this possible risk.

We do not intentionally collect information from users under 13 years of age. For this reason, users under 13 are not permitted to sign up for IdeaSIP. If we discover, in the course of time, that a user under 13 has signed up for the site, we will terminate his/her account and delete all information about the user from our user database.

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