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What is the IdeaSIP network?

The IdeaSIP network is a communications network using the SIP procotol to allow you to talk absolutely free of charge to any of its users. However, not only can you talk to other IdeaSIP users free of charge, but there are many other networks with whom we peer that you can talk to as well, just by dialing their SIP number or using their SIP URI (which looks a lot like an email address). If you have friends you want to call, but they don't have accounts, have them sign up! Signing up is easy and painless, and we promise that we will never sell your account information to other people as none of us want to get more of those emails with subjects like "Ch34p D.R.UG.$ frm CA-NA.d.a."

If you purchase IdeasOUT credits, you can call people who don't have IdeaSIP accounts, and IdeasIN virtual phone numbers let people from regular telephones or cell phones call you. Your basic IdeaSIP account, however, will always be free, and there are a host of services you can use from it, such as free 411 US Directory Assistance, free calls to US, UK, Germany, Netherlands, and Norway toll-free numbers, access to the Tell Me information service, free calling to thousands of peer networks, and more! Add that to your basic account features and it's a total communications package we think you'll love.

With IdeaSIP, you can keep in touch with friends, family, or just about anyone from almost anywhere. IdeaSIP is voice, video, IM, and so much more. To use IdeaSIP, you can use a software phone, a SIP video phone, a SIP IM client, a Wi-Fi phone like the Nokia E-series, a Windows CE PDA, your regular telephone, etc. There are even ways to connect to IdeaSIP with your mobile phone or your regular desk phone, keeping in touch no matter where you are!

IdeaSIP is not a replacement for your basic phone. There are some crucial differences between the IdeaSIP communications service and a traditional phone service that you should know about. First and foremost, we don't offer emergency services (911, 999, 112, 110, etc), but there are some other things of which you should be aware.

Sound interesting? Why not sign up and give it a try?

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