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What is IdeaSIP?

IdeaSIP is the next step in the evolution of communications, allowing you to stay in touch with friends and family around the world! Click here for more details!

What is SIP?

SIP is the core of the IdeaSIP service -- the backbone, if you will. It's a communications standard that's sweeping the globe, allowing people to leverage the power of the Internet for communications, video, games, and more! Click here for more details!

What do I need to use IdeaSIP?

  1. Either a hardware or software SIP-compatible phone, or a SIP adapter for your regular telephone (also called an ATA).
  2. A broadband connection to the internet*
  3. In order to make free SIP to SIP calls, you also need the person you're calling to be using the service as well**

* Dialup connections can work under certain circumstances, but they're less reliable and require a more complex setup.
** As long as the party you're calling is using our service, or is using a service with whom we peer, you will be able to make free calls.

What are the differences between IdeaSIP and normal telephone service?

IdeaSIP is far more than a phone service. It's a communications service using the SIP protocol. This means you can use IdeaSIP for phone calls, video calls, conferencing, and even IM, staying in touch with your friends whenever and wherever you can get to the service. IdeaSIP uses an Internet connection instead of regular phone lines, and there are some differences between using IdeaSIP to communicate and using a phone to make calls. To learn more about them, click here.

These answers and many more can be found in our FAQ, so don't be afraid to browse around. If you have a support-related issue, feel free to use our Support page.

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